24v 50Ah lithium ion lifepo4 deep cycle battery

24v 50Ah lithium ion lifepo4 deep cycle battery 2020-12-05T04:07:52+00:00

Project Description

24V battery pack – Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) – 50Ah
High lifespan: two thousand cycles and more (see chart)
Deep discharge allowed up to 100 %
Ultra safe Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry (no thermal run-away,
no fire or explosion risks)
Embedded BMS (Battery Management System): improve lifespan
AND secure the battery
No Lead, no heavy metal, no toxic element
Calendar life > 10 years
Excellent temperature robustness (-20 °C up to +60 °C)
Constant power during discharge (very low internal resistance)
Very low Peukert’s losses (energy efficiency >96 %)
Very low self-discharge (<3 % per month)
No memory effect
About 50 % lighter and 40% smaller than equivalent Lead-AGM
battery with same usable energy

Technical Specifications
Electric Nominal voltage 25.6V
Nominal capacity 50 Ah
Stored energy 1280 Wh
Internal resistance ≤ 50mΩ
Cycles >2000 cycles (see chart)
Self-discharge < 3% per month
Energy efciency > 96%
Standard Charge Charge voltage 14.6V ± 0.1V
Charge mode CC/CV : Constant Current / Constant Voltage
Maximum continuous charge current 25A/ 50A
BMS charge cut-off voltage 31.2V ± 0.1V
Standard Discharge Continuous discharge current 50A
Maximum discharge current (3s) 100A
BMS discharge cut-off voltage 16 V
Environment Charge temperature range 0°C- 45°C @60±25%
Discharge temperature range -20°C – 60°C @60±25%
Storage temperature 0°C – 40°C @60±25%
IP protection level IP 56
Mechanical Cell assembly LiFePO4
Casing material ABS
Dimensions L:329mm * W:172mm* H:218mm
Weight 11.80 kg
Terminal M8