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Lithium-ion batteries weigh up to 80% less than lead-acid batteries and last up to six times longer. In the last few years, the chemistry of lithium-ion batteries has gained adequate power density, meeting the most demanding requirements. Lithium-ion batteries also have a long shelf life giving you a higher number of discharge cycles than traditional batteries.

Lifepo4 batteries vs SLA batteries

APP Battery has developed an innovative battery management system( BMS/PCB) that provides the performance and safety you deserve. We draw on a resource of different technologies to provide the best solution for different systems.


Our battery monitor can be used with Lead Acid, Lithium Iron Phosphate, AGM, Gel Cell and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with a voltage range of 8V~ 80V. It’s designed to measure the current state of a batteries function, measure voltage, current and capacity in real time. The monitor will show power consumption as well as power replenishment.

battery indicator